Pretty Random Observations

Thought I’d share a few pictures I’ve taken recently…enjoy your stroll through nature via my camera lens!

Waning  moon

Waxing moon

Don’t we all have days like this one? Yes. We do.

These peonies showed up at Trader Joe’s and they are good for whatever ails you. Hands down.

A cool summer afternoon at the seashore. I’m quite partial to the cape plumbago’s blooms.

This lil’ crab came out between waves – who knew crabs could have fluorescent markings?!

Just love the water’s ripples.

This bleached snail shell (with glints of mica) was on a tree stump.

The Green Lady watches over my patio.

Sunlight and shadows…

Can you see the iridescent bug on the bachelor’s button?

Just because.

And this is a close up from another angle.

Don’t you just love this glorious mix of textures?


  1. Your pictures are so pretty ! I’m heading to Trader Joe’s later for some peonies!

    • Robyn – Good luck – I don’t know how long peonies bloom in your area but they are an annual specialty at TJ because we can’t grow them in Southern California (not unless we want to pay $80 for a special hybrid peony bred for SoCal weather) – they showed up at just the RIGHT MOMENT. Thanks!

  2. Sue, LOVE your pic of the peonies and the water ripples!!! Isn’t it funny how the change of seasons can bring us outside to explore? I have found myself doing something similar – two days ago I decided to walk the back forty of my property, only to find some beautiful wildflowers growing. All this time… I never knew they were they were there.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Popping over from Michele’s forum. I love these pics, especially the peonies! I was like, “who’s got peonies this time of year?” then I realized that you are in Spring. How cool is that. We are just heading into Fall up here and it is fun to see Spring down under!

    • Amy, I’d love to see peonies any time of the year! These pictures were taken between June and August in Southern California, where I live – and we’re entering the hottest month of the year. I can’t wait for our version of autumn to appear! Thanks for your lovely words – it’s interesting to see how the peonies are resonating with the readers. :-)

  4. Loved these photos…amazing! We all have weeks like this… I had one too! But it helps to focus on the wonder of this world. wishing us both better weeks next week!

    • Karen – Browsing through my photo folders last night in selecting the pictures helped considerably – letting go, putting things in perspective, remembering June through August in the pictures…Yep, let’s have better weeks next week!!

  5. Sue, do you believe in synchronicity? I do, if you check my latest blog, you will know what I mean. I came on the Michele’s website to add a link to my blog. However, as I scrolled to check the unread posts, I found yours:). Your pictures are lovely and strangely resonate with the words of my blog. I loved the sea-shell image. Can I use it for a blog with due credits of course?

    • Nupur – oh, I’m HUGE on synchronicity! The snail shell image? By all means! That was taken some 30 miles inland, in the front yard of my friends’ house (a semi-rural area) and the sunlight happened to catch the glints of mica, which caught my eye…That’s awesome that you want to use it for your blog! (Which I read a few minutes ago and which had me sighing in contentment.)

  6. So glad you didn’t let things in your life, take away the joy you get out pictures and blogging. I am so glad you shared these snapshots of your life (which all look pretty nice and calm) Big air hug

    • Hi, Meg! I’m a Libra. Gotta have nice and calm in the midst of chaos – it all balances out! And if we don’t make room for our joys…then we wind up like that praying mantis caught in the spider web. Big air hug back at’cha…thanks!

  7. Love looking at your photos… and that Green Lady, Fabulous! What great shadows.

  8. Sue, I love the photo tour. Especially the moons & the peonies. So here’s a question I have had: does a waxing moon & a waning moon always appear on the same side? Like in your photos, the waning moon shows up on the left and the waxing moon shows up on the right.

    • Thanks, Janet! No, the position of the moon’s crescent is never the same with both moon phases. We just had the Full Moon; as it wanes, the moon’s curve is to the left. After the New Moon, the waxing moon’s curve is to the right. When you first see the thin crescent at sunset, that is the waxing moon right after the New Moon – we don’t usually see the thin crescent of the old, waning moon because it is right before dawn. You can visualize it by having a lamp and two circular items, one larger than the other. Hold the larger one (the earth) between the smaller one (the moon) and the lamp and move it from right to left so that its shadow falls across the smaller item. You’ll see how it wanes and waxes. Hope that helps!

  9. I love all the fun you are having with your cameras! For me, the camera seems to have created this entirely new space I see things from. I am able to see what I once couldn’t, often the beauty where we least expect it because I’m always looking for “that perfect shot.” Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

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