Finding October…in water (part 4)

Would you ever have thought of finding October in water, outside of the obligatory shots of autumn foliage reflected in lakes? I wouldn’t. Yet water is a fabulous means of finding October!  I’m so glad I went when I did because these areas are now under a blanket of snow. Let’s jump in with both feet!

Bleached-out leaves in Lee Vining Creek…this is one of my favorites.

I learned how to set the camera to make the water look gauzy in this little creek off the June Lake Loop. Yay me!

And how to sort of freeze the water’s motion.

Pure reflection with a duck swimming in the midst. Yes, the sky really was that shade of blue.


Up Tioga Pass…I pulled over and wandered around, and came upon this meadow.

The Tuolumne River going through Tuolumne Meadows (that’s twa-lum-ee).

Straight out of the Sixties, man! Tenaya Lake was fascinating to observe.

Seeing through a tiny wavelet lapping up to my feet at Tenaya Lake.

A great balancing act – so yin/yang.

A very different balancing act.

And October can be tucked away here…

…or here…

…or here.

This is a very tiny creek feeding into Tenaya Lake…and even the moss is changing color.

October can be very mellow.

And October can sparkle like champagne.


Or go racing by as fast as it can before Winter sets in.

Our Western autumn colors include sage, dusty gold, silver, grey and soft blues.

And sometimes it looks like early summer.

An October dawn can be intense.

And yet it can look utterly peaceful a few moments later.

I love the intense colors of October. The soft, muted colors are very special to me, but the vivid colors get me every time.

Snow was predicted two days after I left the area, and since then, Yosemite and the Sierras have been socked in with early snowfall;  I’m so glad I caught October when I did! I would love to do winter photography up there in a year or so. OK, there’ll be a couple more posts to follow as I wrap up October with the fauna and the colors, and a danse macabre for Halloween…stay tuned…


  1. Beautifully captured autumn Sue. My favourites… pure reflection of the duck swimming… the one of dawn… and a few moments later… all are so beautifully captured.

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