Oh, the Audacity!

It’s fascinating to see how so many small and large threads in a tapestry converge together to create a starburst scene – or decision.  This particular convergence started when I signed up for Liv Lane’s “Build a Blog You Truly Love” (www.livlane.com, click on e-courses).  Early on, we had to define who we are and what our passions are, who our readers are and how we want our blogs to show that. In some ways, I’m still pondering this because this is the first time in my adult life that I can explore who I am.  After that course was completed, Michele Morton Bergh had an e-course called “Prosperity Blooms,” in which we work on manifesting prosperity in our lives, and that, too, has me really thinking. (Contact her at www.beinspireddesign.com for information about this course.) And I got to “meet” other bloggers, with my mindset being jiggled, nudged and shoved by their own blogs.

When I did the BBTL exercise, I realized I love nature, I like to travel, and I wanted to take up photography. The camera upgrades happened in May and I slid right out of the box when I signed up for an autumn photography workshop in Mono Lake (which is located in the Eastern Sierras, on the other side of Yosemite). I love that place and I have to have a purpose for traveling. But I’d never taken a photography workshop.  I’ll be there in early October. I can’t wait! And I get to learn Really Cool Stuff!

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.  Meg Boone had a guest blogger, Elisa Hordon of Australia, on her blog, www.megboone.com (go to the August 1, 2012 entry) – and the article was “Following My Heart’s Desire.”  Elisa posed the question, “If you could follow your bliss every day, what would you be doing?” Oh! This is a question I can’t answer in 2.5 seconds! Then I started following Carrie O’Keefe’s blog, www.theyearofwhatif.com – she, too, is on a similar journey and thought she had arrived at her heart’s desire, even started the process to actualize it, when she finally and truly realized what she wants to do.  Well…that started a row of dominoes within me.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, someone posted a photograph of some Icelandic scenery by this guy named Tim Vollmer and it was gorgeous. I looked at his website (www.timvollmer.de) and was intrigued to learn that he conducts workshops and tours around Iceland – and I “liked” Tim Vollmer Photography on FB so I could continue to see pictures as he posted them.  But…oh, but…this one workshop grabbed my attention and refused to let go.  The idea and I started an intricate dance around each other:  No. Well, maybe. What if? Why do I want to do this? Can I do it? Can I do it and achieve other goals? Isn’t this a good example of putting all the lessons I’ve learned since May into effect? (Well, yes. Duh.)

Then, tapping into long-buried dreams…I’ve always wanted to have a passport. A friend’s wife, a very seasoned world-traveler in her own right, told me last year, “Get a passport. You never know when the opportunity for an adventure will come up.” You know what? She’s right. I’ve also wanted to see this particular natural phenomena but I live too far south for it to ever happen here, and this year ahead is supposed to be a perfect year for it to happen.

I do have one major consideration to keep in mind. Even though I’m very high-functioning with my deafness, there are situations that are hard for me to navigate. So I contacted the instructor of this workshop, Jim Caldwell, by e-mail and let him know that while I was seriously considering this workshop, I needed to know if my hearing loss would be detrimental in attending it. I knew that if there was any hesitation or any issue, I would not go.  He replied by telling me that when he owned a camera shop in London, it was right next to a school for the deaf, and of course it was not a problem at all for him.  That just clinched it for me.

And I’m still gasping in delight from the sheer audacity of it all:

 I’m going to attend a photography workshop chasing the aurora borealis in Iceland!!!!

 Yes! This! In Iceland!

And this!

(Both photographs are from www.timvollmer.de)

(If you want to know the details, go to www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com and click on the “Our Workshops” tab, go to Iceland and Northern Lights workshop. )

So…thank you, Liv, Michele, Meg, Carrie, Elisa, M.V., Tim and Jim, for all the threads that went into this starburst decision in the tapestry of my life!   And thank you to my two sisters for being so supportive of this (I’ll never forget the looks on your faces and your reactions for as long as I live). Oh yeah, and thank you to Mother Nature for making 2013 a year of intense solar flare activity. Most of all, thanks, Mom. Your passing was the catalyst for all of this…and while I miss you, I’m lovin’ the dragonflies!

In fact, I told my daughter what I’d like to do for her 21st birthday next year. But that’s for another blog post later down the road. A girl can dream, can’t she? Yes – and make it come true!


  1. Oh my goodness Sue, what an amazing opportunity for you… to be chasing the aurora borealis in Iceland. My son who has autism, just recently I showed him pictures of that online and he was so thrilled by all the beautiful colours. For sure I’ll have to follow your journey on that. All the best… I’m so happy for you. :)

    • Thanks, Suzanne, and I hope to have great pictures for your son to see in six months! Even if the solar flares don’t cooperate, we’ll still see glaciers and geysers and other Really Cool Stuff.

  2. I love the web that’s formed by the choices you’ve made and threads you’ve chosen to follow. Really cool, Sue! So glad to be part of it.

    • Liv, coming into the BBTL e-course, I had NO idea what to expect, let alone the changes that came about as a result of taking your wonderful course. As you can tell, I’m still inspired by BBTL!

  3. Morgana Dee says:

    OH MY Gawd Sue, wonderful, everything is wonderful about what you are doing and your plans to go to Iceland, simply amazing, and to think about all the obstacles for you at New Year to have changed it all around so greatly. I couldn’t be more pleased to read this blog full of such great news.

    • I know, right? The year got off to a hellacious start as you know and I feel as if I’ve come a long, long way. Thanks, Morgana!

  4. Oh wow! That is so wonderful! I love, love, love the effect that BBTL has had on your life! I kind of feel the same! Such a life-changing course for me too. And chasing the borealis in Iceland…fantastic! I can’t wait to see where else this journey takes you!

    • Me neither, Carin! That’s what’s so great – being on this journey and not knowing where it’s taking me and that’s fine with me! Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you, too!

  5. Sue, you are such fun to follow and get to know online! Love your insights and enthusiasm for life. I applaud this new creative expression and all the places it will take you! I’ll be watching….

  6. What a beautiful post and that workshop looks so awesome!! My daughter and I talk about those northern lights all the time and how cool they look. Both of us would LOVE to see them in person and even better to capture the moment on camera to cherish forever.

    • Hey Michele, you don’t get very many of them in your state, do you? Wish you could come along on this trip and see for yourself! Thanks for your lovely words…

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh, Sue! You made me smile so BIG for you! I so enjoy reading your words, but as much as I read you analyzing things within yourself you bring such a perspective to others. Some may see you as a dreamer, but I see you as an achiever. . .you are never in doubt in following your dreams. You have the right questions and take things into consideration, but you’re not afraid to grab the thread and go with it. I applaud you and am excited with you! I also, truly love your reference to “draongflies”! I get it :o) But, please don’t ever mention the part about the audacity of Kerensa being so close to the age of 21. So not possible!

    • Rest assured, Kerensa is still 19 and will be only 20 next month! Love it that you get the reference to the dragonflies and thanks for your words!


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